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Who are we?

We are specialists in servicing, repairing and restoring timber frame sash windows, with a reputation for quality workmanship and customer servicecustomer service.

The Sash Window Service is an independently owned, family-run business. Since 1997 we have been professionally renovating traditional sash windows in Stroud, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol and throughout Gloucestershire.
From an established business with a decade of experience, in 2007 we restructured as a limited company, trading as Simply Sash Windows.

Our sash window solutions

Whatever your sash window needs, we can help.

Why choose Simply Sash Windows?

Some reasons why you might choose us:

  • You want value for money
  • You care about quality and getting the job done properly
  • You see yourself as custodian of a period building and care about its preservation

Our values

The core concern that drives us is service.
From the moment you contact us to the point at which you pay your bill, you and your windows will receive personal attention.
We make sure you get what you need and only what you need, delivered in a way that is flexible and responsive to your personal situation.

We pride ourselves on our transparency, making it clear what you will need to pay and notifying you of potential issues that may arise.
We have many years experience working on centuries-old windows. So we recognise that from time-to-time we may find additional issues, such as deeply rotted sills. We offer a range of servicesservices to solve such problems.
We always consult with you throughout the process, seeking your permission for any additional work and keeping you informed of what is happening.

We are passionate about building conservation.
We care about preserving the heritage of your windows and maintaining the historic character of your property.
We believe in minimal interventions and permanent repairs, using the correct materials and techniques to preserve as much of the original window as possible.

Our repair work emphasises permanency.
Cheap filler or spliced timber repairs are prone to fail in less than 5 years.
Our renovatons will last for many more years, giving you peace of mind of a job well done.

Our aim is to provide quality workmanship.
The Sash Window Service is a fully insured limited company.
We only employ experienced, skilled carpenters and joiners, who can work to a specification that is right for you and your particular windows, all at the best possible price.

Last, but not least, we are probably the best value local sash window service.
Under government energy-saving legislation we are able to charge lower rate VAT at 0% on our draught proofing servicedraught proofing service.
If you are comparing us with others, please check that you are looking at like-for-like, on both price and quality.

We look forward to working with you.

Thank you

To see what our clients think of us, have a browse through our customer testimonialscustomer testimonials pages.

The business names: Simply Sash Windows; Stroud, Bristol and Cheltenham Sash Windows; Sash Window Training Workshop are part of The Sash Window Service Ltd. (Established 1997, incorporated 2007.)
Registered office: Seaton House, Bagpath, Tetbury. GL8 8YG
Company registration number: 06207354. Registered in England & Wales.
In order to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, we operate on a local basis in the Gloucestershire region, which is generally within a 30 mile radius of our Stroud workshop.

Simply Sash Windows

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