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A fully serviced sash window will open and close properly and should not need further attention (other than periodic painting) for up to 15 - 20 years.
Typically you would have your sash windows serviced because:

  • They don't open and close easily
  • The sashes are painted shut
  • A sash cord is broken
  • They wont stay open or closed
  • The sashes rattle or whistle with the wind
  • You need to change a piece of glass

Sash Cord Services

Professionally re-cording and rebalancing your windows to restore them to correct working order.

A Lower Sash Service starts from £189.99* per window plus VAT.
The lower sash service includes a strip down and rebuild of the lower sash with two new cords.
A full sash window service is a more cost-effective solution. Single sashes rarely fail in isolation, so it makes good sense to have both upper and lower sashes serviced at once, to ensure a fully working window for years to come.

Full Sash Service prices start from £249.99* per window plus VAT.
Our full sash service includes a strip down and rebuild of both the lower and upper sash, with four new cords.
Because the lower sash has to be dismantled in order to work on the upper sash, both are serviced together.

Optional Extras

If you wish, while we service your sashes we can fit (or replace) the following items:
Window locks
Window fasteners
Sash cord plugs

* Starting prices are for windows up to 1.2m tall. We also service larger windows.
See terms and conditionsterms and conditions for service details and pricing.

To place an order, or for a no-obligation estimate, please contact uscontact us.
(0800) 093 2848

It is important to get the top sash working because it can employ 'passive stack ventilation' and circulate fresh air within your home to help control condensation. You can also ventilate without creating draughts at low levels.

Draught Proofing

Draught Proofing: Summer and Autumn 2024

Keep your home or business cosy with a draught reduction servicedraught reduction service.
Installed from £249.99 per window and now with 0% VAT (contact for details) For a tailored estimate please contact us.
(0800) 093 2848
Draught proofing price includes a full sash cord service.

Double Glazing

For options to double glaze your sash windows view our double glazing servicedouble glazing service.

Joinery Repairs

We are usually able to repair all parts of your sash windows.
We believe in the preservation of the original machine, wherever possible we do our best to make economic repairs and retain the original features of your windows.
Please contact us contact us to discuss your requirements.
When repairs are no longer feasible we offer quality replacements, in keeping with the character of your historic windows.

Sill Replacement

We offer a hardwood Full Sill Replacement from £249.00 plus VAT
or Centre Section Replacement from £199.00 plus VAT.

A full traditional hardwood sill replacement has a significantly longer life than a centre section replacement.
The service involves removing and replacing all rotted sill sections, even those not immediately visible.

Unless the rot is isolated in the centre of the sill, we do not recommend a centre section replacement.
It is not possible to access and cut out the rot from the inner face of the window. Rot spores in this area will continue to attack any new centre section sill timber, making it a relatively short term repair.
Please contact us contact us to request a free window survey.

Replacement Sashes

When servicing sashes we follow conservation principles and only do what is necessary to make your windows structurally sound and functional.
From time to time however, it may be necessary to replace a rotten sash, if the sash rails, stiles, horns or glazing bars are beyond repair.
We can provide new single-glazed sashes made from quality timber and supplied either primed or glossed, prices starting from £499.00 each plus VAT.

Bookings placed in Bristol are subject to minimum order levelsminimum order levels.
See our terms and conditionsterms and conditions for more details and pricing.

Using the Sash Window Service Ensures:

  • The correct assessment of what your windows need to be structurally sound and functional, with a properly fitted draught system
  • Access to the fully trained and experienced carpenters that make up our small dedicated workforce
  • You only pay what is necessary for a service that is correctly specified and efficiently delivered
  • Your windows continue to keep your home cosy and comfortable for many more years

The majority of our services are offered on a fixed cost basis, so you know what to expect in terms of the overall bill.
For a tailored price estimate, or if you have any questions, please contact uscontact us.
(0800) 093 2848

See our glossary glossary page for an explanation of sash window parts and terms.
For more details on maintaining your sash windows see our informationinformation page.

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