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The Sash Window Service

We have prepared a short video showing you how to examine sash windows . Watch the video, then test your windows (do not lean out and make sure the windows have cords, and are safe to open first). If they have rot or broken cords, or are missing a draught system, please email us, then we can start a discussion about what needs to be done and how much it is likely to cost.

Summer 2022

Do your sash windows have any of these problems?

draughts rattling painted shut
rotted frames broken glass sill rot
broken cords sashes stuck under-weighted

The Sash Window Service is a locally-owned, independent, family-run business.
We have been professionally servicing and renovating sash windows since 1997.
We are timber sash window specialists and can offer you the benefit of our skills and experience.

Sash Window Solutions

Draught proofingDraught proofing - reduce sash draughts and rattles with professionally fitted weatherpile and draught seals (includes full sash cord service).

Sash servicing - re-cording and rebalancing your windows to restore them to working order.

Sash window repairs - we follow conservation principles to economically repair your windows and preserve their heritage.

Sill replacement - best quality hardwood sill replacements, professionally fitted with long lasting, historically appropriate materials.

Replacement sashes - if your sashes are beyond repair, we can replace them with new quality timber single-glazed sashes.

Double glazing service Double glazing service - we can build replacement quality timber double-glazed sashes (where appropriate).

Additional Services

Consultancy Consultancy - sash window assessments for corporate or private clients, for planning, tender and conservation purposes.

Subcontracting Subcontracting - working with construction, architects and surveyors on projects with historic windows.

Training Courses

Sash Window Training Workshop - courses on timber sash window maintenance and servicing.

For more information, or to arrange a tailored estimate for services please contact uscontact us.

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See our glossary glossary page for an explanation of sash window parts and terms.

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