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Sash Window Draught Proofing

If your sash windows are draughty, rattle or have gaps, a draught reduction service will achieve the following benefits:

  • ensure your windows open and close smoothly
  • increase your personal comfort
  • reduce noise levels from outside
  • improve the security of your windows
  • reduce your fuel bills
  • cut your CO2 emissions
Draught Reduction Service

A Draught Reduction Service includes a full sash cord service. In addition, as part of the rebuild we integrate a system of weatherpile carriers and weather seals into the beadings and sashes.

Draught Proofing: Spring and Summer 2024

Sash draught reduction services.
Installed from £249.99 per window plus 0% VAT
(Starting price for windows up to 1.4m tall.)
We also service larger windows.
Book now and keep your home or business cosy.
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Once professionally draught-proofed, rebalanced and re-corded, your sash windows will operate smoothly, with less rattles and significantly reduced draughts, providing you with many years of comfortable operation.

Bookings placed in Bristol are subject to minimum order levelsminimum order levels.
See our terms and conditionsterms and conditions for service details and pricing.

Current government legislation allows us to charge lower rate VAT on our draught reduction services. Combined with the energy savings over the years that draught free windows can provide (see the Facts & Figures below) this can be a cost-effective investment.

How do we install a draught reduction system? Energy Saving Facts & Figures

Historic England Historic England suggest that servicing a window and applying a draught reduction system will reduce draughts by as much as 80% to 85%.

To quantify this we asked the Energy Saving Trust Energy Saving Trust ( what this equated to in terms of cash savings and CO2 emissions. They provided the following response:
"The average financial benefit from draught proofing all the single-glazed sash windows in a typical house is £45 per year. This equates to around 630 kWh and 120 kg of CO2 saved over the course of a year."
– Energy Saving Trust, 2022. - subject to increase with the September 2022 price cap change.

In terms of today's fuel prices, a 630 kWh energy saving amounts to around £97 per year off your electricity bill, or £23 per year off your gas bill (with dual-fuel savings somewhere in-between.)

Calculations based on the average unit-price per kWh for electricity and gas (inc. VAT) in the South West of England. According to Government domestic energy price statistics for 2017.

Historic England also suggest that a close fitting set of blinds, thick lined curtains and shutters will further reduce heat loss by as much as 30% through each window.
For more details on improving the energy efficiency of sash windows see our informationinformation page.

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See our glossary glossary page for an explanation of sash window parts and terms.

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